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Wanted used Isuzu parts ads connects used Isuzu parts buyers with qualified Isuzu parts sellers that are interested to help our customers to locate and purchase a recycled Isuzu , warranty the used part and deliver it the customer undamaged and in good condition.

If you a legitimate Isuzu salvage yard, dismantler or an honest individual seller, you may submit your price quote along with the details of the part you have for sale, by clicking on the date of the listing.

If you are a buyer and interested to search for used Isuzu parts, click on the Submit Auto Part Request button and follow the instructions. Your used part request will be distributed to a nationwide group of qualified Isuzu salvage yards.

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Below you will find a list of most recent part requests submitted through our web site.

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1992  Isuzu  Pickup
4-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std
Engine, Complete
Fillmore, UT View
1995  Isuzu  Rodeo
Straight-6, 3.2, Automatic
Transmission Assembly
Poteau, OK View
1999  Isuzu  Vehicross
Transmission Assembly
denver, CO View
2004  Isuzu  Rodeo
Sport Utility, Automatic
Bumper Assembly, Rear
It's on the rear driver's side corner of the bumper.
Stockdale, TX View
2004  Isuzu  Rodeo
Sport Utility, Automatic
Stockdale, TX View
2001  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, 3-Cyl, Automatic
Transmission Assembly
2002  Isuzu  Trooper
Engine, Complete
Griffin, GA View
1988  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, 4-Cyl, 2.6, 5-Speed-Std
Hood latch
Hood latch that mounts to radiator support
Kenai , AK View
2004  Isuzu  Rodeo
SUV, V-6, Automatic
skid plate
need a fuel tank skid plate
1999  Isuzu  Hombre
Pickup, 4-Cyl, 2.4, 5-Speed-Std
Summerfield, FL View
2002  Isuzu  Rodeo Sport
Sport Utility, 4-Cyl, 2.2l, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: 4s2ck57d924306434
Harmonic Balancer
Queen Creek, AZ View
1999  Isuzu  Rodeo
4-Cyl, VIN: 4S2CK58D7X4361583
Engine, Complete
GURABO, __ View
1989  Isuzu  Trooper  Q
SUV, 2.8 L V6, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: JACCH58R4K8924935
Transmission Assembly
No cruise control
Minneapolis, MN View
2000  Isuzu  Rodeo  Q
SUV, V-6, 3.2 Lt, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: 4S2CK58W9Y4305230
Cover for passenger seat recline lever
Part Number: ?, need plastic cover for passenger seat reclining lever
La Honda, CA View
1989  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, 4-Cyl, 2.6, Automatic, VIN: JACCH58E1K8912819
Fuel Tank
Austin, TX View
2000  Isuzu  Rodeo
SUV, 4-Cyl, 2.2, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: 4S2CK58D9Y4352580
Engine Short Block
1995  Isuzu  Rodeo
VIN: 452CY58VXS4304729
Part Number: 8970965350, End gate glass
West Linn, OR View
2000  Isuzu  Rodeo
SUV, V-6, Automatic
Mirror, Door
Driver, power mirror not heated
West Hills, CA View
2001  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, 3.5, 5-Speed-Std
Transmission Assembly
Milford, OH View
1988  Isuzu  Trooper
Sport Utility, 4-Cyl, 4-Speed-Std
Headlight Assembly
Driver, I just need the whole headlight with cover , for the driver side.
San Marcos, CA View
2002  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, 3.5, Automatic, VIN: JACDS58X127J01180
Transmission Assembly
4L30E 4x2
Panama City, IN View
2003  Isuzu  Axiom  Q
axiom 2003 Door Handle Latch Cable Front left LH
axiom 2003 Door Handle Latch Cable Front left LH
fullerton, CA View
2003  Isuzu  Axiom  Q
axiom 2003 Door Handle Latch Cable Front Right RH
axiom 2003 Door Handle Latch Cable Front Right RH
fullerton, CA View
2008  Isuzu  i-290  Q
Pickup, 4-Cyl, 2.9, Automatic, VIN: 1GGCS299888702812
Spindle/Knuckle, Front
I need left and right side complete steering knuckles with bearings and caliper/Brackets
Bristol, CT View
1993  Isuzu  Trooper
Sport Utility, V-6, 3.2, 5-Speed-Std
Engine, Complete
Oakridge, OR View
1989  Isuzu  Trooper
Corner Light
Part Number: 8943155042, Driver
Navasota, TX View
2001  Isuzu  Rodeo Sport
SUV, Automatic
Back window
Morganton, NC View
2002  Isuzu  Axiom
SUV, 3.5, VIN: 4S2DF58X324608657
Transmission Assembly
Washington, DC View
1999  Isuzu  Rodeo
V-6, Automatic
Transaxle Housing
Stockton, CA View
1992  Isuzu  Rodeo
SUV, 5-Speed-Std
Axle Beam, Rear
Rear axle deferential
Fernley , NV View
1998  Isuzu  Amigo
Convertible, 4-Cyl, 2.2, 5-Speed-Std
Rain cap railing
Rain cap moulding that bolts to the quarter panel and holds in plastic windows in place
mount pearl, NF View
1998  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, 3.5, Automatic, VIN: JACDJ58X0W7915586
Transmission Assembly
1998  Isuzu  Rodeo
Truck, V-6, 5-Speed-Std
Transfer Case Assembly
Los angeles, CA View
1998  Isuzu  Rodeo
SUV, V-6, 3.2 liter, Automatic, VIN: 4s2ck58w9w4328066
Transmission Assembly
Im looking for either a replacement for the 4l30e transmission that is in it or a compatable 5 speed manual transmission for a conversion from automatic to manual. Im open to either but whichever is easiest. I have help if its a manual but none if its an
Weston, OR View
1988  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, 4-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std
Headlight Assembly
Front, I need the driver side & passenger side too.
1994  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, Automatic
Other, BACK rear door (driver/passerger sided split door) weather strip molding.
Red River, NM View
2000  Isuzu  Rodeo
Topeka, KS View
2003  Isuzu  Axiom
VIN: 4s2ce58xx34601009
Cartersville, VA View
1990  Isuzu  Pickup
Pickup, 4-Cyl, 2.3, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: 4S1CL11L4L4208519
Fuel Tank
Boone, NC View
1994  Isuzu  Trooper  Q
Other, Automatic, VIN: JACDH58V5R7929093
Fuel tank
Brandywine, WV View
2001  Isuzu  Trooper
Sport Utility, V-6, Automatic-OD, VIN: JACDS58X717J14661
Auto Trans Assembly
Joshua tree, CA View
1995  Isuzu  Trooper
Wiper Motor, Rear
2000  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, 3.5, Automatic, VIN: jacdj58x6y7j18990
Bumper Assembly, Front
front bumper assembly without headlights
Wadmalaw Island, SC View
1999  Isuzu  Amigo
SUV, V-6, 3.2v6, Automatic
Complete Engine
1999 Isuzu amigo
White Settlement, TX View
2001  Isuzu  Trooper
SUV, V-6, 3.5, Automatic
Transmission Assembly
Whole trans
Tucson, AZ View
1999  Isuzu  Amigo
Engine, Complete
1999 Amigo
Frederick, MD View
1990  Isuzu  Amigo
VIN: JAABL01E1L5853953
Exhaust Manifold and EGR pipe
California Emissions
berkeley, CA View
1989  Isuzu  Pickup
Regular Cab, 4-Cyl, 2.3L, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: JAACL11L9K7229815
Exhaust Manifold
Part Number: 8941367902
El Cerrito, CA View
1999  Isuzu  Trooper
Sport Utility, V-6, Automatic
Engine Long Block
2003  Isuzu  Axiom
Sport Utility, V-6, Automatic
Transmission Assembly
Jefferson, OR View

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