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Porsche Cayman Used Transmission Catalog

Buy our used Porsche Cayman transmission from the salvage yards that have been dismantling Porsche Cayman vehicles for years! We carry a large inventory of Porsche Cayman automatic transmissions. Our used Cayman transmissions inventory changes daily as we dismantle more vehicles. We warranty our entire used Cayman manual or automatic transmissions with a minimum 6-months to 2-years depending on the specific Cayman transmission assembly. To continue searching our inventory, please select the year of your vehicle. Note we can help you locate any used Porsche Cayman transmission even if you don't see it listed on this page. Browse below a snapshot of our used Cayman transmissions online inventory.

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Stock Number: C243304596G
Fits: 2006 Porsche Cayman
Automatic Transmission; 2.7L
Description: Automatic Transmission
2.7L, Runs-good, LT
Condition: 96K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Las Vegas, Nevada Yard
$2,426.50  Continue
Stock Number: C258814783K
Fits: 2010 Porsche Cayman
Manual Transmission; 2.9L, non-locking
Description: Manual Transmission
Condition: 39K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Nashville, Tennessee Yard
$2,317.50  Continue
Stock Number: C256694017K
Fits: 2006 Porsche Cayman
Manual Transmission; 6 speed, 2.7L
Description: Transmission Assembly
6 SPEED, 2.7L, Runs-good
Condition: 90K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Sacremento, California Yard
$1,994.50  Continue

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