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Being a significant part of your Peugeot's engine cooling system; the radiator releases a coolant which is a simple mixture of water and glycol. This mixture is then pumped by means of several passages passing through the engine and cylinder head. Then, the coolant reaches to thermostat from where it returns back to the radiator again. Here, the coolant expels its heat and gets cooled once again. During this whole process, the heat is conducted away from engine components thereby allowing the engine unit of your coupe to exhibit an efficient performance.

In case, you inspect your car leaking the coolant, then you must get your car radiator checked by a proficient mechanic. Malfunctioning of a radiator can cause severe problems in your car's cooling system. Therefore, you should never take problems of your faulty Peugeot radiator for granted. Get it checked by a skilled mechanic as soon as you begin to notice the problems. If it turns out to be suffering from severe problems then get it replaced with a healthy one. Making repairs in the existing one can lead to problems down the road.

You will come across to several types of radiators while shopping for the Peugeot car radiators. All of them differentiate each other on the basis of their layout and the material used. As for aluminum Peugeot radiator, it also stands for a smart choice. Being lightweight, it does not exert much pressure on the front grille and keep your car's engine performing and cooled.

You may also consider purchasing Peugeot custom radiator. They are especially designed according to the customers' specifications thereby suiting to their requirements. Although, they are little bit expensive than the regular radiators but are much durable too.

Being a car owner, you must understand your car's needs. You can protect your Peugeot car radiator against dust and overheating by suing Peugeot radiator cover. It is craft out of high durable material and promises to provide ultimate protection.

A European coupe like Peugeot is a superb vehicle and thus needs great maintenance and care. You must perform a regular check up of some of its mechanical parts to ensure its enhanced performance. However, searching for the French parts is not a simple task. But simplifies it by offering you a large inventory including everything you need for your precious Peugeot. You can purchase everything ranging from OEM part, discount part, replacement parts to used parts at rock bottom prices.

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Radiator 2.5l L4
Description: RADIATOR 2.5L L4
Fits: 1986 Peugeot 505
Part Number: RAD1604
Brand: Keystone Auto Parts
Quality: New (OEM Replacement)
Available: Not Available
Retail Price: $668.72
$445.81  Call To Order
Radiator 2.0l L4
Description: RADIATOR 2.0L L4
Fits: 1984 Peugeot 505
Part Number: RAD1200
Brand: Keystone Auto Parts
Quality: New (OEM Replacement)
Available: Not Available
Retail Price: $662.85
$341.29  Call To Order

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