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Featured Mazda MX-3 Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines

All orders are packed and delivered in 24 hours.

Your Mazda MX-3 will be delivered to any US destination including Nipomo, Urb San Jose Ind, Only and others.

We are committed to bringing you the best aftermarket and OEM replacement Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines for your car, truck or sport utility vehicle.

You can feel confident knowing that your Mazda MX-3 are OEM aftermarket certified and top quality Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines.

If you are in search of quality L4, 1.8 L, 1796 CC Used Engine, L3, 1 L, 993 CC, 61 CID Rebuilt EngineL4, 2 L, 1984 CC Used Engine or other hard-to-find MX-3 store>, you can trust that you will find it in our large inventory catalog.

To read more about Mazda Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines Store, please visit our Information page.

L4, 1.6 L, 1597 CC Used Engine
Description: L4, 1.6 L, 1597 CC Used Engine
Fits: 1995 Mazda MX-3
Part Number: X_925
Retail Price: N/A
Discount Price: Ad Hoc

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