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If you Honda was involved in an accident, or if you know you want to repair the look or the performance of your car, you can do that with our V4, 1955 CC Used Engine that will change the overall look and/or improve the performance of your Honda.

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1988 Honda Accord V4, 1955 CC Used Engine
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Description:V4, 1955 CC Used Engine
SOHC, Fuel injected, Crank snout 25mm, Crank bolt 12 x 1.25mm, If crank bolt 14mm use HO2012
1988 Honda Accord
1987 Honda Accord
Part Number:X-617
Warranty:3 Year Warranty / 100,000 Miles
Engine Size:1,955 CC
Engine Type:V4
Head Casting:N/A
Block Casting:N/A
Crank Casting:N/A
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