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If the air conditioner of your Freightliner is not working adequately then take it immediately to a mechanic. Freightliner air conditioner comprises of a few high quality components that plays key role in the effective working of air conditioning system. They are Freightliner compressor, condenser, evaporator, refrigerant and expansion valve. Major function of Freightliner AC compressor is to compress refrigerant inside the system. Heat is usually carried away by this refrigerant. When the compressed refrigerant passes through the Freightliner AC condenser, it becomes hot. Freightliner Ac evaporator adds more heat to the refrigerant and cools your vehicle.

Orifice tube is one of the significant components of Freightliner air conditioning system. It is positioned inside the inlet tube of evaporator or within the outlet of condenser and inlet of evaporator. Freightliner AC orifice tubes are usually three inches in length. It comprises of small brass tube that is surrounded by plastic. A filter screen is covering each end of Freightliner AC orifice tube. Small debris often clogged these Freightliner AC orifice tubes.

Freightliner AC blower motor also plays key role in the effective working of air conditioning system. It is mounted to a housing that surrounds heater core, evaporator and air control doors. The major function of Freightliner AC blower motor is the movement of air from vehicle’s outside via cabin filter and passing through heater core and evaporator. Direction of air flow coming from Freightliner AC blower motor is controlled by air control doors. Interior of the vehicle turns cool with the resulting air flow.

If you are refilling the empty system, then get one vacuum pump and suck all the air out. Sucking the air out is essential for the effective performance of Freightliner AC parts, as air comprises of moisture. This moisture is harmful as it corrodes the air conditioning system.

You must perform a regular check up for the effective working of Freightliner air conditioner. It would be advisable to repair or replace the worn out Freightliner AC parts with brand new parts.

If you are looking for high quality parts then log on to offers huge range of inventory. It is comprised of varied range and style of Freightliner air conditioning parts. Air conditioning parts available at are at discounted prices. also offer warranty coverage plan with Freightliner air conditioning parts. So, do not waste time and browse through the extensive range of air conditioning parts available at The ordered part will be shipped at your place in a little time.

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