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All our used Ford Escort engines have a 6 month to 2 year warranty. When you buy your Ford Escort engine from our company you will have confidence that we strongly stand behind the quality of our used car and truck engines. Start saving money and time now by searching through out inexpensiveFord Escort engine. We stock a large inventory of Ford Escort used engines. Note that our sellers inventory changes daily as we sell engines and take on new stock everyday while dismantling new vehicles. If you don't see your engine listed below, please fill out our used Ford Escort engine locating form. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Stock Number: C214137903G
Fits: 1997 Ford Escort
(2.0L, VIN P, 8th digit, SOHC), Federal emissions
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 99K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Sacremento, California Yard
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