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Featured Dodge WM300 Power Wagon Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines

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V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Rebuilt Engine
Description: V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Rebuilt Engine
Passenger car application, hydraulic lifters, Y-block, not for LA series engine.
Fits: 1962 Dodge WM300 Power Wagon
Part Number: MOP-318LB-4
Core Deposit: $348.00
Retail Price: $2,355.95
$1,963.00  Continue!
V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Used Engine
Description: V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Used Engine
Fits: 1961 Dodge WM300 Power Wagon
Part Number: X_413
Retail Price: N/A
Discount Price: Ad Hoc

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