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Alfa Romeo, founded by an Italian automobile manufacturer in 1910, has made various categories of motor sports, which since 1986 has been a part of Fiat group. Alfa Romeo in a short span of time gained a good name in the world of motor sport. It is so popular among its users that many of its owners worship it and some of its models have even become cultural symbols. You will be surprised to know that even Pope was the pride owner of Alfa Romeo and the model is in display in Alfa Romeo museum in Italy.

You may also be a proud owner of the prestigious Alfa Romeo, but the machine may start showing signs of wear and tear. In this situation, you may not be willing to invest a huge amount in changing the car, however, the best option is to go for a used Alfa Romeo engine, which will satisfy your need and at the same time come within your limited budget. With the growing demand of used Alfa Romeo engine, today the market is flooded with the second hand engines. Alfa Romeo is a reliable engine if it is in a good condition and to check the health of the engine, there are a number of points you should be aware of.

Tips on selecting a good used engine

Test drive - The best way to know about the condition of the engine is to go for a test drive. Prefer going on test drive when the engine is cold as the engine will show up if it has any ignition problem or anti freeze problem. The color of the smoke will also give an indication of the general condition of the engine. The sound of the engine is also a good indicator of the engine's health.

General maintenance of engine - The engine of Alfa Romeo uses oil and if you check the oil and find that there is little or no oil in the sump then it indicates that the engine has not been maintained properly and it is best to walk away from the particular engine. You may also check the radiator, the cooling system and the spark plugs to see if proper care has been taken of the Alfa Romeo engine. Alfa 147 requires replacement of its cam belt more frequently than other cars and the wear of the cam belt can tell you if the service requirement has been appropriately followed or not. In addition, the condition of clutch and gear system must also be checked.

Our Services

When you buy from us, you can be sure of getting the best deal that is not only competitive in terms of price but also reliable. We offer a 90-day price guarantee with a commitment to refund the balance of the amount charged by us and any lower price that you may come to know of within 90 days of purchase. You also get a one year warranty on our products which are quite rare in used car market. Our shipping cost is among the lowest in the market due to our network of over 200 storage locations.

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Stock Number: C274948648M
Fits: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia
2.0L, (VIN N, 8th digit, turbo)
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 15K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Orlando, Florida Yard
$3,576.50  Continue
Stock Number: C295570430O
Fits: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia
2.0L, (VIN N, 8th digit, turbo)
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 32K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Bakersfield, California Yard
$3,231.50  Continue

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